Rök Smokehaus Smoked Coffee Spiced Rub…Roo Rök’d!

Rök Smokehaus Smoked Coffee Spiced Rub

Dry Ingredients:

Rök Smokehaus Alder Smoked;

2T Smoked Lavazza Coffee

2T Smoked Raw Sugar 

2T Smoked Paprika 

2t Smoked Himalayan Salt

2t Smoked Onion Flakes

2t Smoked Garlic Flakes


2t grated orange peel

2t ground coriander seed

T=Tablespoon, t=teaspoon


Mix all dry ingredients together, this will keep for a long time if kept dry.

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Brine Kangaroo fillet in salt water for 60 minutes, dry. This will mellow the fillet very nicely.

Cut up fillet into chunks.

Generously rub into chunks.

On hot grill or hot cast iron skillet, spray a bit of olive oil, and braise the chunks, getting a bit of a char line on the outside, keeping the inside medium rare.

This rub also works great on pulled pork roast!

Bon Appétit!