Fresh smoked. Mesquite!

We are set up and have been smoking away!

Just off the smoker:

Mesquite wood, cold smoked.


  • Aussie Rock Sea Salt – perfect for grinders! Coarse, medium (margarita special), fine, and extra fine.
  • Himalayan Rock Salt – coarse for grinders, medium (perfect for margaritas!) fine.


  • Aussie raw sugar – add to coffee, baking, desserts, or even as a rub for roasts, or brine for salmon.
  • Aussie garlic granular – use in recipes such as marinades and rubs on those roasts for the BBQ.
  • chili flake – this is the best ever! Just a smell will send your mind and taste buds wandering!


  • Basmati Rice – perfect for Indian and Persian recipes.
  • Arborio Rice – just imagine your favorite Risotto dish with a bit of fire!


  • Penne Pasta – add your favorite sauce, we like mushroom/parmigiana. This is really nice for a summer picnic pasta salad.

Coffee: ?!?!?!

Oh yes! Smoked Coffee! We are very excited about this. We use Lavazza quality coffees, fresh smoked then ground. Currently we have ground coffee (for your morning coffee,and later, your espresso martinis).

We also package coffee pods for your Nescafe machine. You have to try this!