Welcome to Rök Smokehaus!

purveyors of gourmet spices and natural wood smoked products!

100% natural wood smoking process using the 1000 smokehaus1years old traditional Viking method of preserving and flavouring food, combined with 30+ years of American experience, known for amazing history of smoked meats and other food.

Each of our Rök Smokehaus Products enhances the dishes’ natural flavours, while the smoke intensifies the savory essence roused by a wood fire. Our salts are smoked fresh on the Gold Coast, using the Northern European method of wood smoking. All natural with no flavouring added. Unlike others, there is no flavouring or colors added…just pure salt and natural wood smoke!

We have a variety of gourmet spices, spice mixes, and wood smoked salts, spices,  …even coffee!